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Poor, poor auto workers

Posted by sanityinjection on December 29, 2008

We’ve been told repeatedly that one of the main reasons we needed to bail out the Detroit automakers was to save the autoworkers. Of course, the United Auto Workers’ union maintains a well-stocked fund (paid for by the Detroit automakers) that pays any laid-off worker something like 90% of their salary for a period of time.  How many of us enjoy that kind of security if we lose our jobs?

Now comes word that the union also owns and maintains a golf resort and conference center in Michigan where union leaders live the good life at the expense of their members’ dues:,2933,472304,00.html

Of course, the average auto worker doesn’t get to vacation at this resort, unless they kiss their union rep’s ass.

This is just the latest example with the UAW and certain other unions. When times are good and profits are booming, the unions insist on a big slice of the pie. When times are tough and everyone is hurting, everyone has to pitch in and sacrifice except the unions, who refuse to give up any of their perks and privileges. And we wonder why Detroit can’t make a profit.

One Response to “Poor, poor auto workers”

  1. sanityinjection said

    In today’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Ralph Reiland details how five strikes called by the UAW since September 2007 have crippled GM and led to the elimination of union jobs and a big bill for the American taxpayer:

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