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On the subject of Senate seats…

Posted by sanityinjection on December 16, 2008

Now comes word that Caroline Kennedy, only surviving child of JFK, wants to be appointed to Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.

Isn’t that the ultimate in dynastic entitlement? Kennedy doesn’t just believe that she’s entitled to be *elected* to the Senate in New York because of her family – she doesn’t even want to have to go through an election, she wants to be *appointed* into the seat so she can run as an incumbent!

The delicious irony here is that if Caroline hadn’t piped up, the top candidate for this seat would have been New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo – ironic because Cuomo is married to Caroline’s first cousin, Kerry Kennedy. Cuomo is also a scion of a famous Democrat family, but unlike Caroline, Cuomo has a long record of government experience in city, state, and federal positions – he was Clinton’s HUD Secretary during his second term.

About all that can be said for Caroline is that at least she is a long-term resident of New York state, unlike her predecessor Hillary. Perhaps the best argument that she should be disqualified is that, in reaching out to Democratic leaders for support, she included race-baiting demagogue Al Sharpton among her courtesy calls.  Sharpton’s comment on Caroline’s qualifications for the job was amusing:

“What [Republican Congressman] Peter King said about Caroline Kennedy is what they said about Hillary Clinton. That’s the one she’d be replacing, right?”

In other words, New York already made a joke of the seat when they gave it to Hillary, so how is this any worse? (Let’s not even talk about the disgrace sitting in New York’s other Senate seat, Mr. My-Ego-Is-More-Important-Than-The Economy.)

I was always taught that the Democratic party stood for the little guy against the rich and powerful. So why does the Democratic party today keep catering to the rich and powerful Clintons and Kennedys? Bill Clinton even had the nerve to joke that his daughter Chelsea should be considered for the Senate seat, proving that far from being disturbed by the allegations of nepotism regarding his family, he wears them as a badge of honor. While I would gladly grovel at her feet for the opportunity to get into her pants, Chelsea is less qualified for public office than I am, except that she knows more Secret Service guys by name than I do.

Ach, I canna’ rant nae more.


8 Responses to “On the subject of Senate seats…”

  1. Tubby said

    You would sleep with Chelsea? Ew.

  2. sanityinjection said

    I believe that Miss Clinton has a steady boyfriend. Otherwise I’d hit that like Homer Simpson in a doughnut museum.

  3. Tubby said

    LOL – wow. On so many levels that’s just wrong.

  4. sanityinjection said

    Somebody made a great point to me about Caroline Kennedy (I think it was Sister Benedict, but my memory is getting bad in my old age.) If Democrats blasted Sarah Palin for being inexperienced, how in good conscience can they claim that Caroline Kennedy has the necessary experience to be a Senator?

  5. sanityinjection said

    Well, it appears the Kennedy train has come to a halt, with word today that Caroline Kennedy has “withdrawn” her name from consideration. No one can say for sure why, but speculation is that Governor Paterson has decided not to appoint Kennedy after rampant speculation that he *was* going to appoint her in exchange for the help of the Kennedy family with his re-election. That didn’t sit too well with many New York Democrats. So this allows her to save face rather than be rejected after her very public “campaign” to get the job.

    I applaud New York Democrats for not allowing themselves to be railroaded by the Kennedy family and their sycophants. Any of the prominent Democrats in the state would make a better Senator, and have a better chance at holding the seat in a subsequent election.

    Here’s a question: Could Governor Paterson legally apppoint *himself* to the Senate seat? It would be a political faux pas, of course, but the idea intrigues. It would give the Senate another African-American member as well as a member with a disability (Paterson is blind.)

  6. sanityinjection said

    Answer: According to NPR, in order to appoint himself, Paterson would have to resign and be appointed by his replacement. It’s been done 9 times, mostly in the South and West, and usually doesn’t lead to a re-election to the Senate for the ex-Governor:

  7. sanityinjection said

    Paterson has chosen Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat. Gillibrand is a conservative Democrat from upstate New York who has defeated strong Republican candidates in the past. This is a great pick, but the Democrat insiders are howling, with the notable exception of Chuck Schumer, who already has a Senate seat.

    Should we be surprised that the “Manhattan is the extent of the universe” crowd can’t fathom that one of their own didn’t get picked? Paterson must have figured his re-election is screwed no matter what and decided to do what he thought was best for his state. What an amazing thing.

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