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ObamaWatch: His dirty little secret!

Posted by sanityinjection on December 8, 2008

Yesterday on Meet The Press, Tom Brokaw cornered President-elect Obama on his dirty little secret: Our new president is a recovering tobacco fiend.

This is not really news, as Obama was often seen chewing Nicorette gum during the campaign – and once or twice was caught with an illicit cigarette. Obama admits he’s fallen off the wagon once or twice. However, his habit is of renewed interest because smoking has been banned from the White House for years, since Hillary Clinton became First Lady in 1993.

Of course, Obama could lift that ban. But he says he intends to abide by the rule. Now, while I don’t doubt the sincerity of Obama’s desire to quit, I also know that the Presidency is about as stressful a job as you can have. So don’t be surprised if President Obama is occasionally caught sneaking a cigarette when outside the walls of the White House, especially at Camp David where the press cameras are severely restricted.

Actually, Obama’s little vice and his struggles with quitting might have the effect of making him easier to relate to for the average Joe. It also might shed some light on why Obama’s health care proposals are adamant about not excluding individuals with pre-existing conditions…


One Response to “ObamaWatch: His dirty little secret!”

  1. sanityinjection said

    Now the anti-smoking industry wants Obama to be their Messiah, too:

    Talk about setting yourselves up for a fall. Is there any form of hope or fear that Americans won’t project onto this man?

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