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Getting to know Larry Summers, again

Posted by sanityinjection on November 26, 2008

Former Clinton Treasury Secretary and Harvard President Larry Summers is going to be President-elect Obama’s top economic advisor. So if you want to know what Obama’s economic policies are probably going to look like, it helps to understand where Summers is on the major economic issues. Thus, the NYT’s David Leonhardt has a helpful piece up doing just that:

Although I don’t always agree with Summers, he’s extremely intelligent and has a fair amount of common sense. He leans left, but he’s not anti-capitalist or anti-free markets. Most importantly of all, he’s a straight talker who is not afraid to confront facts even if they demand a change in his thinking.

So far, I agree with Joe Lieberman that Obama has been making good decisions in putting together his team. I’m curious to hear who he will tap for National Security Advisor, because that person is either going to have to be able to work well with Hillary, or be high enough in their standing with Obama to outflank her, otherwise they will quickly become irrelevant.


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