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Hopes and fears for the coming Obama Administration

Posted by sanityinjection on November 5, 2008

When I turned on the radio in my car this morning after Election Night, it was playing, rather fittingly, Barry White’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” The exact lyric Barry was singing was “I’m gonna give you all of me, as much as you can stand.” And indeed, America is going to get all of Barack Obama, as much as we can stand 🙂 So with that in mind, looking ahead let us try to imagine, for good and for ill, the best and worst of what we can expect from an Obama Administration.

HOPE: Energized population continues to remain engaged in public affairs after voting in record numbers. Volunteerism increases, and citizens hold government accountable at all levels to fulfill its promises.

FEAR: Failure of Obama Administration to deliver on promises of tax cuts and affordable health care leads to renewed cynicism and apathy toward public affairs. One-party rule leads to increased waste and corruption.

HOPE: Minority groups inspired by Obama’s example to believe in the American Dream again, casting aside the excuse of racism to tackle economic and educational problems in their communities with government support.

FEAR: Obama, having to govern by necessity as a centrist, is seen as a sellout by minority communities as government programs to help them founder amid corruption and waste.

HOPE: America enjoys renewed respect, cooperation and friendship around the world.

FEAR: The international community’s love affair with America under President Obama lasts only as long as he does what they want him to.

HOPE: Through natural market forces and minimal government intervention, the economy rebounds within the next three years.

FEAR: The Obama Administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress are unable to resist the urge to micromanage the economy, resulting in market distortions, an erosion of confidence, and economic decline.

HOPE: As President, Obama demonstrates the same unflappable calm in foreign and domestic crises that he did during the campaign.

FEAR: Obama’s level temperament is mistaken for lack of resolve, resulting in unnecessary challenges at home and abroad.


Of course, reality will probably fall somewhere between these two extremes in all cases. My point is that the new President, armed with an unquestionable mandate for change and a nominally supportive Congress, will have a tremendous opportunity to move the country forward in a number of areas. Should his efforts fail, there will be no one left to blame, as the Republican party will be busy undergoing a total overhaul of the kind not seen since Watergate.

I sincerely congratulate President-elect Obama on his historic accomplishment and his inspiration of the American people. I look forward to his choices for Cabinet secretaries and major appointments – they will tell us a lot about what his new Administration will be like.


2 Responses to “Hopes and fears for the coming Obama Administration”

  1. sam*i*am said

    the only thing that happened last night was that we all witnessed the destruction of Dr. King’s dream. judged by character not by the color of ones skin. even though obama’s character, judgement, political ideology, and record are wretched it was ignored and millions of people voted for the color of his skin. he is not qualified to be the leader of the free world, but these people were so determined to make history by electing the first black man that his character was ignored. as for me i do not recognize this person as my president and i will now wait for the next election when we can elect a real leader as presiden of this great country.

  2. sanityinjection said

    Looks like the disillusionment has already begun. That was fast:

    In fairness, as a former campaign staffer, I know all too well how cash strapped campaigns are after election day. But we keep hearing how flush with cash Obama has been right along. Maybe David Plouffe can take a five-minute break in between making the rounds of the TV talk shows to be virtually fellated by the Keith Olbermanns of the world, and make sure these people get paid.

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