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Election Analysis: What we learned about the voters

Posted by sanityinjection on November 5, 2008

The biggest surprise for me in this election was that independent voters, and those who made their decision on who to vote for at the last minute, broke overwhelmingly for Obama (and not for McCain as I’d expected.) Obama won overwhelmingly among northern white blue-collar voters – the so-called “Reagan Democrats” – and it was this group more than any other that accounted for his victory, giving him wins in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. By contrast, the massive turnout among African-Americans that Obama had predicted earlier in the campaign did not occur – turnout was high across all demographics, but not exceptionally so among African-Americans.

It seems clear that the economy was the central factor in this election. Foreign policy issues virtually disappeared from the campaign after the credit crisis, wiping out McCain’s biggest advantage. Voters clearly blamed the Bush Administration for the country’s economic woes, and bought Obama’s argument that McCain represented more of the same failed policies. In short, they voted to roll the dice and take a chance on someone who seems confident that he can help them – and is persuasive enough to make them believe it.

We also learned that the much-touted “Bradley effect” does not exist, if it ever did. Obama’s election and strong support from white voters proves that, contrary to the shrill shrieks of the Left, America is not a racist country, and in fact is less racist now than it has ever been. (How many so-called “enlightened” European countries have elected members of *any* minority groups as their leaders?)

In hindsight, though analysts will debate as to whether McCain ran a good or bad campaign, it is hard to imagine how any Republican candidate could have survived the post-convention downturn in the economy, or how McCain could have done anything after that to come back and win. The Republican brand has simply been too tarred by the Bush Administration’s unpopular foreign policy moves and the economic woes at home.


2 Responses to “Election Analysis: What we learned about the voters”

  1. Sister Benedict said

    White Catholics who attend church services regularly did not vote for Barack Obama.

  2. sanityinjection said

    Sister Benedict – I’m sure you’re right, but what percentage are they even of those who identify as Catholic? Less than 25%, I’ll guess.

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