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States to watch tonight

Posted by sanityinjection on November 4, 2008

Sure, we’re all going to watch the election coverage tonight. But let’s be honest – who can pay attention for four hours straight without wavering? Sanity Injection brings you the key states to watch tonight so you know when to start paying attention, and when to go to bed:

FLORIDA: Florida is the absolute must-win state for McCain. There is no scenario where he wins without it. If Florida goes for Obama, you can turn off the TV and head for bed, because it’s not gonna be close. If McCain wins Florida, which I think he will, then he stays alive.

PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania is McCain’s big gamble. The state is expected to go to Obama, but McCain has made a huge effort here. If Obama wins, it’s the first nail in McCain’s coffin. If McCain wins, things is gonna get interestin’.

OHIO: Ohio is also critical for McCain. If he wins Pennsylvania and Ohio, it will be a long night. If he loses Pennsylvania but wins Ohio, McCain can still win. If Obama wins both Pennsylvania and Ohio, it should be all over unless McCain gets an upset in Minnesota and wins everywhere else.

VIRGINIA: Virginia is the third state in the Pennsylvania-Ohio-Virginia Triumvirate that will decide the election. A sweep of all three states wins the election for either candidate. McCain needs to win at least two out of three in order to stay alive, and would still need help out West.

NEVADA: If McCain is still alive when Nevada is called, and he hasn’t swept the Triumvirate, he’ll need Nevada to win. If he loses here, it’s lights out.


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