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The Two Obamas

Posted by sanityinjection on October 31, 2008

Good article by Stuart Taylor Jr. over at the National Journal on the two facets of Barack Obama. Taylor points out that at various times during his career, Obama has presented as either a liberal ideologue or a pragmatic reformer. He argues that, if elected, the success of Obama’s Presidency will depend on which of those identities dominates his Administration:

I agree with Taylor that if Obama turns out to be the practical, bipartisan reformer he is campaigning as, his Presidency could turn out to be a success. However, I very much fear that this is merely the Dr. Jekyll to the left-wing Mr. Hyde that wants to “spread the wealth”.

The truth probably is that Obama himself is torn between the two paths. At heart he is a card-carrying liberal, but he’s very smart, and his head probably keeps telling him that what his heart wants isn’t necessarily going to fly politically or practically. Which will he listen to as President?


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