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Voter fraud and why we need a federal voter ID law

Posted by sanityinjection on October 8, 2008

Yesterday in Nevada, state authorities raided the offices of an organization called ACORN and seized evidence relating to voter fraud. ACORN had submitted new voter registrations it had obtained, an unusually high number of which turned out to be fraudulent.

I’ll refrain from going into depth about ACORN and its shady activities (The group is under investigation or indictment in multiple states for fraud and violation of election laws) – a quick web search will turn up more information than you could possibly want. For the purposes of this post, it is enough to state that ACORN hires workers at an hourly rate to register new voters from among the poor and disenfranchised. This is called “community organizing”. Sound familiar? It should – Senator Barack Obama has had numerous ties to ACORN going back to his days as a Chicago organizer for an affiliated group. (In fairness, no one has made any credible claims that Senator Obama has ever engaged in the criminal activities I discuss below, and I think it extremely unlikely, although it’s possible he knew about it and chose to turn a blind eye.)

Anyway, by law ACORN cannot pay the workers incrementally for each new voter they sign up – after all, that could lead to fraud! But they do require their workers to meet a certain quota of new voters per day in order to get paid – otherwise the worker could just sleep all day and still collect a paycheck. Of course, this means that workers are often under pressure to meet their quota, and the temptation to submit fake names is obvious – especially after smoking a joint or three, as many of these “workers” have been known to do. ACORN claims that it checks the registrations before sending them in to the state and fires workers who are caught falsifying them, but the evidence suggests that they don’t try very hard.

In this case, the Nevada Secretary of State’s office has been vigilant in trying to weed out fake voters. But not every state is as disciplined, and not all fake registrations are easily debunked. The suspicion is that organizations like ACORN deliberately send in the fakes hoping they will not get spotted, allowing an ACORN operative to later vote illegally under the fake name once it is on the voter rolls.

There is an easy way to prevent that from happening – states can simply require that voters present proper photo identification, such as a driver’s license, when they show up to vote. Some states already do this, while others simply ask for name and address and have no way to prove the voter is who they say they are. There have been attempts to make this a federal requirement, but those attempts have been defeated. Why? Opponents consistently paint voter ID requirements as a conspiracy to keep poor people and minorities from voting. Thus, supporters of the requirements are called bigots and anti-democratic. This is nonsense. Poor people and minorities do not have any particular difficulty obtaining driver’s licenses or similar ID. Voter ID requirements ensure that voters of all ethnicities and socioeconomic levels are protected from someone illegally trying to cast their votes for them. This is a common-sense step toward a protection of the most fundamental right of every American citizen.

Keep all this in mind after the big election on November 4. Anywhere where Republicans win anything, you will hear screaming about alleged voter fraud and voter suppression. Anywhere that Democrats win, you will not hear those complaints, because the media doesn’t believe that voter fraud is possible if, as with the activities of ACORN and its ilk, it helps the Left.


3 Responses to “Voter fraud and why we need a federal voter ID law”

  1. txtransplant said

    I have never understood the argument that picture ID discriminates against the poor. Anyone needing to cash a check, buy cigarettes or alcohol needs picture ID. If they are adults (which you must be to vote) they have been asked for ID at some point in their lives. If everyone has to do it, it no longer qualifies as discrimination.

  2. sanityinjection said

    More ACORN shenanigans here:

  3. sanityinjection said

    From John Fund’s new book “Stealing Elections”:

    “Ironically, Mexico and many other countries have election systems that are far more secure than ours. To obtain voter credentials, the citizen must present a photo, write a signature and give a thumbprint. The voter card includes a picture with a hologram covering it, a magnetic strip and a serial number to guard against tampering. To cast a ballot, voters must present the card and be certified by a thumbprint scanner. This system was instrumental in allowing the 2000 election of Vicente Fox, the first opposition party candidate to be elected president of Mexico in seventy years.

    But in the United States, at a time of heightened security and mundane rules that require citizens to show ID to travel and even rent a video, only about half the states require some from of documentation in order to vote. “Why should the important process of voting be the one exception to this rule?” asks Karen Saranita, a former fraud investigator for a Democratic state senator in California. Americans agree. A Rasmussen Reports poll finds that 80 percent of Americans, including three fourths of Democrats, believe that “people should be required to show a photo identification such as a driver’s license before being allowed to vote.””

    More here:

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