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What happens if the 2008 vote is a tie?

Posted by sanityinjection on September 23, 2008

As if you didn’t have enough nightmares, consider this: What happens if the Presidential race ends in an electoral tie – 269-269, with neither candidate getting a majority?

This is a very real possibility. In fact, it’s more likely than ever to occur this time. The Washington Times explains how – and what’s worse, nobody is completely sure what happens next. Various wacky scenarios could make any of the following people President – Obama, McCain, Biden, or even Nancy Pelosi:

Obviously, the uncertainty and confusion surrounding this possibility would be bad for the country. It would be helpful if the House and Senate could come to an agreement ahead of time on exactly what the process would be, just in case.


One Response to “What happens if the 2008 vote is a tie?”

  1. pacer521 said

    it wont be.

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