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Putting your kids where your mouth is

Posted by sanityinjection on September 10, 2008

Over at the New York Times, Sandra Tsing Loh examines the choices of the candidates for President and Vice-President in schooling their children:

Loh, a vocal supporter of public education, notes that Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and John McCain all sent or currently send their children to private schools. That may be OK for McCain, who is on record as a supporter of “school choice” policies which would allow parents to use public dollars to send their kids to the public or private school of their choosing. But it’s a bit embarrassing for the Democrats and their teachers’ union supporters.

The one candidate whose children attended public school? Sarah Palin. Fits in with her blue-collar, PTA mom image.

Disclaimer: While I am very much a supporter of school choice and charter schools, I am a product of the public elementary and secondary schools, and rather proud of it.


2 Responses to “Putting your kids where your mouth is”

  1. I thought it was interesting that Ms. Loh wants all of her fellow Dem’s to attend public schools and she uses a great school shopping website,, to rate Sarah Palin’s school.

    But Ms. Loh, I didn’t think that you wanted any of us to “shop” for our school. Don’t tell them about, or they might actually dream about what schools are like on the other side of the public school fence!

  2. Correction: It is http://www.greatschools.NET, not .com.

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