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If you read nothing else this week, read Camille Paglia

Posted by sanityinjection on September 10, 2008

Perhaps the best sign that Camille Paglia’s columns are eminently worth reading is the simple fact that she only writes one a month, rather than struggling to find something to say in order to publish more regularly.

If you are somehow still unfamiliar with Paglia, she is that rare intellectual who manages to be brilliant and down to earth at the same time. An iconoclast’s iconoclast, she may be the single most intellectually honest columnist I’ve ever read – a liberal who criticizes her fellow liberals when they deserve it and gives credit to conservatives when it’s due. Regardless of one’s position on the political spectrum, her comments are always worth reading, and you will always learn something by reading her. I admire her unabashedly even when I disagree with her.

This week, Ms. Paglia has a lot to say about Sarah Palin and the reaction to her nomination:


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