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Sunspots and climate change

Posted by sanityinjection on September 2, 2008

For the first time in a century, there were no sunspots observed for the entire month of August. This is significant because the sun has been in an active period for the last several decades – roughly the same period of time in which the effects of “global warming” have been observed.

With climatologists starting to agree that for the last couple of years the earth has actually been cooling, it is time to start paying more attention to the impact of solar activity on earth’s climate. While the interaction between the sun’s radiation and our climate is complex and not fully understood, we do know that the last “mini-ice age” in the 1600s, which had a dramatic affect on agriculture and human population, coincided with a long period of very low sunspot activity.

None of this is to suggest that climate change is solely a function of solar activity or that carbon emissions from human activities are not a factor. Rather, it reminds us what sober scientists have been telling us all along – the earth’s climate is an incredibly complex system with many different factors affecting it. The earth has undergone dramatic warming and cooling periods long before man began to burn carbon in significant amounts. Contray to what Al Gore’s propagandists would have us believe, there is no scientific basis for the conclusion that man’s activities are the primary driving force behind climate change, or that these activities have somehow “upset the balance” of the earth’s ability to regulate its climate beyond repair. Keep in mind that just thirty years ago, the same scientists who are now telling us that the sky is falling on global warming were shrieking that the earth was headed for a new ice age. (Conclusion: Unstable people will always find something to be unstable about and should not be taken too seriously just because they happen to be highly educated.)

Given the uncertainty of the science, at what point should we start to wonder whether those who advocate massive government regulations to restrict carbon emissions might possibly have other motives besides climate altruism? Could it be that some of these people were already heavily invested in alternative energy technology research and might stand to benefit financially from any fossil fuel panic they were able to stir up?


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