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If you think women have it tough in the US, read this.

Posted by sanityinjection on August 29, 2008

Details are beginning to emerge telling the story of Rania, the young girl who was apprehended/rescued in Iraq after having an explosive vest strapped to her, against her will she claims:

Being forced/duped into becoming a suicide bomber for Al Qaeda is bad enough. Being tricked into it by your own husband when you are a 15-year old girl is even worse. One might guess that the husband was having some regrets about what was probably an arranged marriage and saw what he must have thought was a clever way to get out of it. I’m sure no one cared if Rania was having second thoughts. Now she is in jail and there is absolutely no one in her life she can trust. How alone she must feel.

Despite the gender issues our society faces, we must never forget the far more serious threats that women in other parts of the world face. And we must never forget what “women’s rights” will amount to in any place that Islamic terrorists are allowed to triumph – nothing.


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