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This just in: Barack Obama to be deified on Thursday

Posted by sanityinjection on August 27, 2008

Check out this photo of the stage they are building for Obama’s big acceptance on Thursday night at Invesco Field in Denver:

Obama's Temple?

Obama's Temple


Ummm…is this really such a good idea? Your nominee is already battling accusations that he’s an egomaniacal celebutante with a Messiah complex, and so you decide to build him his own Greek temple? What’s next, a laurel wreath for his head? How about a thunderbolt staff or a pair of winged shoes?


3 Responses to “This just in: Barack Obama to be deified on Thursday”

  1. ShaneBertou said

    You people really are pathetic. The columns look like EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF ARCHITECTURE in Washington.

    Just float out this temple nonsense and the lemmings will eat it up eh?

  2. batguano101 said

    Hillary tried her best to crown herself saint and “Clintoned” Obama last night to throw the election for her 2008 run.

    You have no beef with the Democrats with the Clintons doing all the heavy lifting for the Republicans.

    Swiftboating, and Knee capping will give way to a new word in the lexicon- “Clintoned”.


  3. sanityinjection said

    Perhaps, but they *don’t* look like every single piece of architecture in Denver – which, I remind you is where the convention is. They also look ridiculous in the middle of a football field.

    If Obama is the outsider candidate of “change”, why does he want to surround himself with the trappings of Washington DC?

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