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Russian arrogance apparently knows no bounds

Posted by sanityinjection on August 25, 2008

It’s bad enough that Russia invaded and continues to occupy its democratic neighbor, Georgia. Now big, tough Russia is whining because the US and other Western nations have the nerve to send warships into Black Sea with humanitarian aid for Georgia.

First the Russians complained that the US ships would “raise tensions in the area”. Funny, they didn’t seem to be concerned about whether their invasion of Georgia would raise any tensions. Now, they seem to be saying that only the Russian navy has the right to be in the Black Sea:

“The fact that there are nine Western warships in the Black Sea cannot but be a cause for concern. They include two U.S. warships, one each from Spain and Poland, and four from Turkey,” Anatoly Nogovitsyn, the deputy chief of the Russian military’s General Staff said.

Now let’s be serious, shall we? Does anyone think the poor defenseless Russians are really afraid of the Spanish, Polish, or Turkish navy? No, they are afraid of the US ships, not because they think we are going to mount a suicidal attack on Russian soil, biut because our presence will hinder them from doing whatever the hell they please in the sovereign territory of their Georgian victims.

Last time I checked, the Black Sea was an international body, which means any nation’s ships may be there. Certainly Turkey, which forms the entire southern border of the Black Sea, has as good or greater right to be there as Russia. The Black Sea is also the easiest way of reaching Georgia without going through Soviet, I mean Russian airspace. So it makes sense to send aid by water. And why warships? Because if we send civilian ships, we’d need the warships anyway to keep the Russians from deliberately sinking them.

These little statements by Russian generals are very revealing. They sincerely believe that the Black Sea should be a Russian lake and that they should get to decide who can and cannot be there. That’s an old imperial ambition from the days of the Czars that Russia never achieved, and it’s also bad news for Russia’s Black Sea neighbors including Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.


2 Responses to “Russian arrogance apparently knows no bounds”

  1. sanityinjection said

    Update: The first US aid shipment landed in Batumi, away from the Russian-occupied areas. Now the US is planning to land the next shipment of humanitarian aid at Gori – a city encircled by Russian troops.

    This is a good move. Russia will not dare to attack a US ship unloading humanitarian aid. So they can bluster, but it will make them look foolish.

  2. sanityinjection said

    Update: Apparently the US military pussied out and sent the ship to Batumi again:

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