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Evil walks the earth, but the media doesn’t want you to know

Posted by sanityinjection on August 25, 2008

A truly horrifying event occurred in India today, but odds are you won’t hear about it on the news. Hindu religious extremists set fire to an orphanage run by Christians, killing a woman and a priest.

The mainstream media already devotes a shamefully small amount of time and space to overseas stories, unless there’s a war going on that involves white people. Additionally, religious violence is nothing new in India. Muslims and Hindus have been killing each other there on a regular basis for many years, and Hindu extremists have attacked Christians, especially foreigners, in the past – in 1999 an Australian missionary and his two sons were killed by a mob that set their car on fire.

However, if you examine this story closely, you begin to realize why this particular act is even more abominable. The story begins this past Saturday, when a Hindu religious leader and four other Indians were killed in an attack. Communist rebels are suspected.

Needless to say, the loss of a prominent Hindu religious led to a great deal of anger and grief among the poor Hindus of northeastern India. However, their response was to use the incident as an excuse to target local Christian missionaries, whom the Hindu extremists hate for trying to convert their countrymen. Never mind that nobody with half a brain suspected Christians of being involved in the Saturday attack.

So what did the extremists choose as their target? An orphanage, of all things – a place whose mission was to care for poor, parentless children, give them food, shelter, medical care, and yes, probably lessons on the Bible too. But come on, it’s an ORPHANAGE, for God’s sake. If Osama bin Laden himself opened an orphanage, it might not make me happy that he was raising little kids to be terrorists, but I wouldn’t set the place on FIRE.

Did these criminals sneak up and commit their murder in secret, like the cowardly Klansmen who blew up a black church in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963? (This vile act crystallized support for civil rights in America and led directly to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 less than one year later.) No, they took a page from their mentors, the Nazis. They surrounded the orphanage and boldly told the residents (most likely native Indians) to leave the premises. They then locked the priest and the woman (who they probably thought was a nun), both presumably foreigners, inside the building and set fire to it. One wonders if they stood and watched to make sure neither of them escaped, and whether they enjoyed their victims’ screams. Thus they meted out punishment for the unconscionable crime of believing differently from the majority, and also for the crime of being white Westerners. I’m surprised they bothered to let the kids live after they’d been tainted with the beliefs of the foreign devils.

Like the Nazi atrocities of Krystallnacht in 1938, what is most horrifying about this act is that it was clearly planned in cold blood by people who did not fear the law – either because law enforcement is too weak to stop them, or worse, is passively supportive of their crime. So why wouldn’t this be significant enough to be a news story here in the US?

Answer: Because of the US news media’s intense bias against Christianity. (Disclaimer: I am not a Christian.)They never want to portray Christians or priests in a positive light or as victims, only as oppressors who abuse children. Also, in the media’s spastic love of the great rainbow of international diversity, they do not want to acknowledge that there are some (not all, not even most) brown people out there who want to kill white people (Only white people are supposed to be evil, hate-filled racists and bigots, so this doesn’t fit the script.) The only facts you must be allowed to know are those that support the worldview the media wants you to hold, because otherwise you can’t be trusted to draw the “correct” conclusions. You might make the mistake of thinking you’re pretty lucky to live in the big bad imperialist USA or one of her European running-dog lackeys, where you have the freedom to practice whatever faith you choose, and nobody’s going to set you on fire because of the color of your skin. You might make the mistake of concluding that Western society, with its respect for human and civil rights, might actually have something going for it despite its imperfections.

Nobody is going to take from this story that Indians, or Hindus, are horrible violent people. Most Indians and most Hindus surely find this as appalling as white people found the 1963 church bombing. What you should conclude, rather, is that 1) India, the world’s largest democracy, cannot or will not protect the religious freedom of its people or the lives of foreign residents, and 2) Advocating or practicing violence against others simply because they dare to hold different beliefs, or because their skin color or ethnicity is different, is a pure manifestation of evil, as evidenced by its methods. This means you, Islamic terrorists – and the media won’t like that association one bit, either. No, they want you to forget about what the funny little brown people are doing so far away and concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing, getting outraged on behalf of your neighbor whose house is being foreclosed, because he bought one much bigger and nicer than he needed by agreeing to a loan whose terms he knew he’d never be able to pay. Weep for this suburban victim, won’t you, and pay no attention to the minions of evil cackling while the flames rise higher and higher.


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  1. sanityinjection said

    Update: The situation is getting worse. More people have been burned alive. Let’s hope the curfew has some effect.

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