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Respected astronaut says aliens are real

Posted by sanityinjection on July 24, 2008

Apollo 14 veteran astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who shares the record for the longest walk on the Moon in 1971, said in a  radio interview that Earth has been visited by aliens multiple times and that the governments of the world have been covering up this information for decades.

I’m willing to leave room for the possibility that aliens exist and may have visited Earth. But doesn’t it seem odd that Dr. Mitchell would have waited until now to speak out, and chosen an entertainment radio program as the forum to reveal this great truth to the world? Furthermore, after zealously guarding this great secret for 60 years, does it seem likely that the great government conspiracy would let itself be so easily brought down by a 77-year old retired astronaut?

How about the interesting “coincidence” that this comes out just as the new “X-Files” movie is about to open? Now *there’s* a conspiracy for you…Calling Agents Mulder and Scully!

If you want to see a great movie about an alien visitation and a government cover-up, go rent Close Encounters of the Third Kind– the film that established writer/director Steven Spielberg as more than just a one-hit wonder horror specialist. The reason this film still works 30 years later is that the movie is less about the aliens and more about the various ways in which people deal with the possibility that we are not alone.,23599,24070088-13762,00.html


One Response to “Respected astronaut says aliens are real”

  1. tubby said

    I knew it!! Former government officials don’t lie – or embellish the truth. Just ask General Wesley Clark. Well, unless somebody at 20th Century Fox slipped him a little sweetener to get him to “talk”. I can just imagine the conversation. “Hey uh, you know that Area 51 business – yeah yeah I know you can’t say anything – well, uh, what if I were to say that your retirement would be secure for another year or so, if you played ball…”

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