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Someone needs to tell Bob Geldof that charity begins at home

Posted by sanityinjection on July 23, 2008

Amanda Platell has got a superb column up today in the Daily Mail concerning the recent near-death experience of 19 year old British celebutante Peaches Geldof, daughter of Bob Geldof. Basically, Ms. Geldof came close to killing herself with drugs, and 24 hours later was posing for the camera at a movie premiere as if nothing had happened.

Platell makes the point perfectly: Having suffered from a family member who died of a drug overdose, no one should understand more than Geldof the importance of keeping his daughters off drugs. But Geldof has been so busy gallivanting around the world raising money for the poor starving people of Africa that he has effectively allowed the paparazzi to raise at least one of his daughters. Being a single father is not easy, and there is no way to guarantee your kids won’t do drugs no matter how well you parent them. But actually having some idea what they’re up to on a daily basis might have been a good start.

Some will object that Ms. Geldof is a legal adult and can do what she wants. OK, but Daddy is the one controlling the purse strings – if she’s buying drugs she’s buying them with his money.

It’s worth noting that thousands of young people overdose on drugs every day. Most of them don’t get any media attention. In a perfect world, we would be paying just as much attention to the ones that don’t happen to be rich, white, and achingly pretty.


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