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The tabloid trial most Americans are missing out on

Posted by sanityinjection on July 18, 2008

I had to share this one with those of you who don’t follow international news. Englishwoman Anne Darwin is standing trial for helping her husband John to fake his own death as an insurance scam. Her defense? She was “coerced” by her husband into helping him. I guess she was “coerced” into living comfortably in Panama on the insurance money for five years too, right?

Here’s what really happened. The Darwins were in financial trouble, so John cooked up a scheme to fake his own death. He staged a fake canoe accident for himself, then left the country. Anne collected the insurance money and subsequently moved to Panama, where her “dead” husband joined her. For five years, she told everyone that her husband was dead, including the couple’s grown children (who don’t believe a word of her latest sob story and are testifying against her.)

Apparently, she and John must have had a falling out, because he seems to have decided to put an end to their scheme last December, when he suddenly showed up in London claiming to have amnesia. Police were not fooled. He then had to admit he’d faked his own death. When contacted, Anne said she had no idea he was alive (story #1). Then photographs surfaced of the two of them together in Panama. She changed her tune and said she hadn’t known about the plot until after she’d moved to Panama, when John turned up alive (story #2). John, of course told the police that was BS, that his wife had been the one who drove him to the train station after the fake accident! Having been caught in two successive lies, she now claims she was afraid not to help John (story #3). Her “coercion” seemed to consist solely of her own fear that her husband would leave her if she didn’t help him, and her fear of being stuck with all the bills (“I couldn’t live on my own,” she sobbed, despite having a job as a doctor’s receptionist.)

Last time I checked, “coercion” meant violence or the threat of violence, which I have not heard alleged here. With that in mind, read the account of her testimony “delivered through a veil of tears” and her supposed struggles with her conscience over committing fraud and emotionally destroying her children:

Yeah, she’s a real victim, all right.


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