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Brett Favre, football terrorist

Posted by sanityinjection on July 15, 2008

OK, I admit “terrorist” is a little extreme, but Favre is in effect torturing the fans and the front office of the Green Bay Packers.

For those of you who don’t follow football closely, lemme ‘splain. Brett Favre is the aging, legendary quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. He has won a SuperBowl. He is going to the Hall of Fame someday. Parents in Wisconsin name their children after him. You get the idea. Anyway, because of his long career and advanced age, every year during the offseason the media hounds Favre to decide if he is going to retire or play one more season. And every year he decides to keep playing.

That is, until now. After last season, Brett Favre finally decided to retire in March of this year. There was a press conference, he cried, and the media aired hours of programming immortalizing his accomplishments for the ages. The Packers wished him well and began moving forward with the assumption that their new QB would be Aaron Rodgers, a young player who has been sitting patiently on the bench behind Favre waiting for his turn.

So far so good. Until just recently, when Favre apparently changed his mind. He asked the Green Bay Packers to release him from his contract. This would allow him to sign with and play for another team. Instantly, all of Wisconsin forgot about the war, the election and the price of oil and focused on this much more important crisis. The Packers’ response? They said no, Brett, you can either stay retired, or you can come back and play with the Green Bay Packers – as Aaron Rodgers’ backup!

Stalemate. Now the fans are grumbling. Many of them want Favre back as their starting QB. Others think he should hang it up gracefully and stay retired. None of them want to see Favre playing for another team, especially if it means taking the field against the Packers.

The Packers are in a bind. Obviously Favre is not going to agree to be anybody’s backup. But his multi-million dollar salary still counts against the salary cap if he’s not retired – even if he doesn’t play. Nor can they unceremoniously dump poor Aaron Rodgers back to the number two spot again to make way for Favre. Rodgers is blameless in this as he has been nothing but respectful and patient.

If Favre refuses to stay retired, the best the Packers can do is trade him to a team they won’t have to play this year. Miami might be a good fit as they have a bucket of nothing at the QB position. Green Bay would not get much in trade value for Favre at this point, but it would be better than releasing him and getting nothing while he signs with another team. Still, Favre can veto the trade by simply refusing to show up and play.

Unfortunately, the villain of this piece is Favre himself. While I have no doubt his change of heart is genuine – he loves the game of football – his decision to unretire is messing things up for everyone else. Worse, the controversy is tarnishing what had been, up until now, a remarkably shiny image and reputation. Favre needs to grow up and be a man, and that means making a decision and sticking to it, rather than expecting the entire football world to jump through hoops while he flip-flops.


8 Responses to “Brett Favre, football terrorist”

  1. Hannah Zimmerman said

    Great post!! It seems like everyone has an opinion about Bret Favre. Just this morning I found two “letters” on the Pitch website to him that pretty funny. I suggest checking them out if you are (or are not) a Favre fan. Here is the link….letter one. and letter two.

  2. tubby said

    *Sigh*. I was just having a conversation last night about the lack of allegiance in professional sports. If I was Favre, I wouldn’t dream of playing for another team. How many years was he a famed Packer, like 20? I mean, come on, it’s as if his agent or family talked him into doing something he knew well he shouldn’t do. Forget the fans for a second — if you were Brett Favre, would you really want to uproot and play for a mediocre team who doesn’t really care about you for a couple years? Boggles the mind…

  3. Sister Benedict said

    Favre sounds like the little boy who doesn’t want to go to bed when it’s bedtime.

  4. sanityinjection said

    Update: Favre applied for reinstatement as an active player and was granted that by the league commissioner. After talking with the Packers, both sides have agreed that Favre is not going to play for Green Bay this year. So the Packers can either try to trade Favre, or just release him outright.

    Of the many sports columns being written daily about this soap opera, I agree with this one:

  5. sanityinjection said

    Update #2: Favre has been traded to the New York Jets. This is a win for the Packers and a loss for Favre, who did not want to go to New York as the Jets are unlikely to be in Super Bowl contention this year. The bright side for Favre is that he will still get to wear green 🙂

    The Packers received a draft pick for Favre. How good a draft pick depends on how well Favre does with the Jets this year. More importantly, the Packers will not have to play Favre and the Jets this year. Had he gone to Minnesota, they would have had to play him twice. Had he gone to Tampa Bay, that team would have released veteran QB Jeff Garcia who would probably have ended up in Chicago or Minnesota taking the field against the Packers. By contrast, New York will release Chad Pennington who has been hobbled by injuries for most of his career.

    Favre will make the Jets better this year – they might even make the playoffs – but he adds nothing in the long term. So again, the big winner here is the Green Bay Packers. Now they just have to hope that their young QB, Aaron Rodgers, performs well enough that the fans are not constantly second-guessing their decision. Personally, I have never been a fan of the Packers, but this year I hope the football gods smile on them for not letting a prima donna push them around.

  6. So how’s that terrorist doing now?!!

    The day has arrived…
    I’m no Brett Favre, but today’s my day too…

    Girls rule!

  7. sanityinjection said

    OK, a little off topic, but for the record, I am 100% in favor of allowing and encouraging girls to play football, at all levels.

  8. […] Super Bowl champion QB of the Green Bay Packers, first disgraced this blog over a year ago, when I called him a “football terrorist” for his terminal case of indecision as to whether he was going to retire. For those of you who prefer the short version of events, Favre […]

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