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Fun political game even for non-political types

Posted by sanityinjection on July 14, 2008

This is a very clever little application. It’s really a strategy game that happens to be dressed up in election politics, but you don’t have to know or care anything about politics to play and enjoy. In the game, you play as either Barack Obama or John McCain. You use your operatives to raise money by controlling different regions of the country, and also to take out your opponent’s operatives. Each unit has a special ability or abilities, but using them costs money.

The result is a very playable and enjoyable game with amusing sound and visual effects. You can play against another player or against a computer opponent. Best of all, you can play simply by visiting the website, without having to download anything or provide any information. Be warned, however: This game can be addictive.

For those who are still carrying a torch for a defeated primary candidate such as Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney, here is a link to an older version of the game where you can play as those characters:


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