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Floating cities will save us all from global warming…?

Posted by sanityinjection on July 3, 2008

There’s enough material for several posts in this idiocy, but in the spirit of preserving the environment I will try to conserve words:

Isn’t it nice to know that the world’s brightest are hard at work coming up with solutions to problems that don’t exist? Never mind our actual problems.

Let’s leave aside for the moment the obvious stupidity of trying to predict what the Earth’s climate will be like in the year 2100, when we can’t even understand what it is doing now (Contrary to what Al Gore would have us believe, observed data shows Earth’s surface temperatures have actually been cooling since 1998. No one is sure why.) Let’s assume the “Noah’s Ark” predictions come true and sea levels rise enough to wipe out whole nations. So this architect has designed “floating cities” to house the refugees. I have soooo many questions!

How do you keep a “floating city” from crashing into land or other cities? Does it have a motor and a steering mechanism?

Since we haven’t managed to figure out how to power even something as small as a car using renewable energy, how are we going to power a city of 50,000 people?

Who’s going to pay for the expense of this? (Hint: Check your tax bill.) And once it’s built, who thinks it’s going to be handed over free of charge for the destitute refugees of the world to live in? (Not on my dime, thank you!)

Seems like a project like this could create a lot of jobs and make some people a lot of money. Almost makes you wonder if there could be profits to be made by somebody in exaggerating the threat of climate change and whipping up voters into a paranoid hysteria….Nah, surely no one would ever lie about science in order to put pressure on the government to fund something? I mean, imagine if special interest groups had concocted a fictional Western heterosexual AIDS epidemic in order to raise more money for research? Nobody would sink that low, would they…?

Unfortunately, we see this sort of fantasizing on a much smaller scale in cities and towns around the world. Architects design public buildings with more of an eye toward their own artistic portfolios than the practical needs of taxpaying communities on a budget. If local officials object, the architects remind them that they are design professionals and they know better than you whether it is necessary to have a windmill and a chocolate fountain at a branch library.


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