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Thanks for nothing, Al…

Posted by sanityinjection on June 16, 2008

Al Gore formally endorsed Barack Obama for President today. Surprising nobody.

Regardless of your opinion of Gore and/or Obama, this endorsement would only have meant something if it had been given earlier or not given at all. Gore’s endorsement would have meant a lot to Hillary or Obama in the thick of their primary fight – had he timed it right, he could have been seen as the kingmaker. But he didn’t want to burn any bridges, probably thinking he may yet run again if McCain wins and is a one-termer.  So he waits until it’s all over. Thanks, Al.

As for the general election, does anyone seriously believe there is anyone out there who can be swayed by Al Gore’s endorsement that wasn’t already going to vote Democrat in this election anyway? Way to go, Al.

3 Responses to “Thanks for nothing, Al…”

  1. Paulette said

    Al is a ‘symbol’ to people of what could have been so his endorsement works on that level. If he goes to Florida and campaigns I believe that Obama could win FL. FL is a key state so if that’s all he does…it would be huge.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed!


  2. Sister Benedict said

    Obama/Gore in 2008? I heard that suggestion on the radio this morning. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

  3. sanityinjection said

    Sister Benedict – I’ve heard multiple sources suggest Gore as Obama’s running mate. From what I understand, however, Gore has said he wouldn’t take it. This makes sense – having been the nominee before, why would he accept a demotion back to his old job of Vice President? I believe that Gore is still considering the possibility of running for President again, especially if Obama loses.

    Even if he were to agree to be on the ticket, as I suggested in the post, I’m not sure that he adds any new voters beyond those who already support Obama, Paulette’s point notwithstanding.

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